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Experience the freedom and flexibility

of private jet travel with our comprehensive aircraft IBIS AIR, we understand that every travel need is unique, and our aircraft charter services are designed to cater to a wide range of requirements, from corporate travel to group excursions and beyond.

With our aircraft charter services, you have the opportunity to select from a diverse fleet of private jets, each offering its own set of features and capabilities. Whether you’re traveling with a small group or require a larger aircraft for a corporate event, we can tailor the perfect solution to match your specific needs.


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We Are Fully Committed To Precision and Reliability


To be the unrivalled leader in providing exceptional VIP private jet charter services, setting the standard for luxury, convenience, and personalized experiences in the aviation industry.


Our mission is to deliver an extraordinary and seamless travel experience for our esteemed clientele by offering a comprehensive range of VIP private jet charter services. We are committed to providing impeccable service, ensuring safety, and exceeding expectations at every step of the journey.


"Where Exclusivity Meets the Sky"
    Welcome to a world where exclusivity meets the sky. Experience the pinnacle of VIP private jet charter services with IBIS AIR

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Enjoy the exclusivity of private jet travel

without the need for full ownership or long-term commitments. Our aircraft charter services grant you the freedom to choose your travel schedule, destinations, and even the level of customization you desire. From short domestic trips to international journeys, our experienced team will work closely with you to plan and execute your itinerary, ensuring a seamless and efficient travel experience.

Aircraft charter is an excellent option for business travel, offering the convenience of direct flights to your desired destinations, saving you valuable time and maximizing productivity. Conduct meetings, collaborate with colleagues, or simply relax in a private and comfortable environment while en route to your destination. Our charter services provide the ideal platform for corporate travel needs, allowing you to make the most of your valuable time.

For group travel, our aircraft charter services offer the perfect solution to bring your team, friends, or family together. Whether it’s a family vacation, a sports team trip, or a special event, we can accommodate your group comfortably and provide a seamless travel experience tailored to your unique requirements. With the ability to choose your departure and arrival airports, you can optimize your travel plans and access even remote or less-serviced destinations.

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At IBIS AIR, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service and maintaining the highest standards of safety and reliability. Our fleet of charter aircraft undergoes rigorous maintenance checks and adheres to all regulatory requirements, ensuring your safety and peace of mind throughout your journey. Experience the flexibility, convenience, and tailored service of aircraft charter with IBIS AIR. Whether it's for business or pleasure, our charter services provide you with the freedom to travel on your terms, allowing you to reach your destinations efficiently and comfortably. Contact us today to learn more about our aircraft charter services and embark on a remarkable private jet travel experience.


Can I work or hold meetings during a charter flight?

Absolutely! One of the advantages of aircraft charter is the ability to work or conduct meetings in a private and distraction-free environment. Many charter aircraft offer Wi-Fi connectivity, comfortable seating, and workspaces to facilitate productivity during the flight.

Aircraft charter refers to the process of hiring or renting an entire aircraft for private use, rather than travelling on a commercial airline. It allows individuals, groups, or organizations to have exclusive use of an aircraft, choosing their desired itinerary, schedule, and services.

Aircraft charter services offer a wide range of options, including private jets, turboprops, helicopters, and even larger aircraft like business jets or airliners for group travel. The choice of aircraft depends on the specific requirements of the charter, such as the number of passengers, destination, and desired amenities.

Aircraft charter services are used by various individuals and organizations. Common users include business executives, celebrities, government officials, sports teams, travel groups, and individuals seeking personalized and efficient travel experiences.

Chartering an aircraft provides numerous advantages over commercial flights, including:

  • Privacy and exclusivity: The entire aircraft is dedicated to the charterer and their guests, ensuring privacy and a personalized environment.
  • Flexibility and convenience: Charter flights can be scheduled according to the charterer's preferences, allowing for custom itineraries, departure times, and destinations.
  • Time savings: Charter flights avoid the hassles of commercial airports, long check-in lines, security procedures, and flight connections, saving valuable time.
  • Enhanced services: Charter flights often provide luxurious amenities, personalized catering, dedicated flight attendants, and tailored experiences based on the charterer's preferences.
  • Access to remote locations: Charter aircraft can reach smaller airports and remote destinations that are not serviced by commercial airlines.

To charter an aircraft, you can contact a reputable aircraft charter broker or directly reach out to an aircraft charter company. Provide them with your requirements, including the number of passengers, desired travel dates, destination, and any specific preferences or services you require. They will then assist you in selecting the most suitable aircraft and making the necessary arrangements.

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IBIS AIR is an independent global company that provides leading aviation services:
Strategic advisory services for VIP Charter, Aircraft Charter, Aircraft Sales, Aircraft Management, Freight and Cargo Transportation.
We offer private jet charter solutions for your travel plans worldwide. whether business or leisure.
IBIS AIR team of Private Aviation Advisors have also developed an expertise for special private jet charter
missions such as cargo charters, last-minute charters, helicopter charter and medical flights. 

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